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Located on the southshore of Lake Pontchartrain, in New Orleans at West End, your sailing adventure begins when we cast the lines for a day sail or an evening sail into the sunset.

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Julie Ann is a 1980 S2 11_A (36'), racer-cruiser, sloop.  She is hull #19 in her line.  She is a classic of a boat, reputable and sails comfortably.

Juile Ann is accommodating for most anyone, and special arrangements can be made for the challenged.

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JULIE ANN was commissioned as a prop in the making of the 2023 short film, Dad 2.0.  The film is about coping with grief.  The film was written, directed and produced by Preston Holm.  His brother Eric Holm was an integral part in the entire process.

The two brothers wanted to feel the presence of their father once again whom they lost in March 2020 to cancer, and sharing with you was their way to incorporate some joy in the process.

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email Captain Louis:  or  call: 936.827.9699 (please leave message if necessary.)
Lake Pontchartrain, West End, 
New Orleans, LA 70124
30.026519, -90.114281
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