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Krazy KettleTM (kettle korn)

Since 2010

I demonstrate the craft of making kettle korn the old fashioned way, handmade, caramelizing the ingredients using a paddle in a flame-heated kettle. Cooking kettle korn this way is a visual for anyone observing. I do appreciate my process as a "craft" and wish to be among the other crafts where spectating (and sales) takes place. I am available to set up on-location at your event. Deliveries are available at a minimum cost (please email for quotes). I do not have a store front. I off-load and work under a 10'x10' tent. Weather permitting!


Kettle Korn Business

(in part or whole)


Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Cooker and/or Turn key operation in operation to-date.

"Kettle Korn" Cooker For Sale  REVISED OFFER


Revised offer!  I have consolidated the entire turn-key operation into the lowest price.

Now only asking $10,000 for the whole business. I am motivated.

After 11 years of crafting kettle korn on the Northshore, Lake Pontchartrain, La. region, I am deciding to sell the operation, in part or whole. I simply wish to pursue a newer ambition.

I have been using this propane cooker primarily to craft kettle korn since 2012, operating on the Northshore Lake Pontchartrain region to-date.

Turn key operation includes:

4 piece Stainless Steel propane kit only. (Made of 3/8" and 1/4"Stainless Steel) On wheels for mobility. Three of the pieces are each 3'x3', Stainless oil canister is 4th part.

The hinged-top cooking kettle, bowl itself measures 30" across and 20" deep. (full capacity approx. 110 gal or 400 quarts.)

The entire booth includes the 4-piece stainless cooker, new 10'x10' tent with sides, 6 foot table, smaller table, 30 gallon trash can, 4-ingredient bins, 2-40 lb. propane tanks, table cloth, scooper, 4'x10' counter and sign.

Contacts, 2021-2022 prepaid events, DBA name and email ( are included as well.

The markets are a lot of fun, the customers are a friendly lot and have appreciated everyone's generosity but I have come to a crossroads in life, I have something else I wish to give my time to. This cooker is ideal for crafting Kettle Korn, cracklings, boiling peanuts, jambalaya, crawfish, beans,,, of large quantities. Stainless steel does not hold and transfer flavors from one food type to the next like cast iron. Easy clean and mobile.

Will meet halfway to deliver.

Please call Louis at

93six 8two7 9six99 (Please leave message if necessary, I will call you right back.)

Sorry we will not respond to text or emails.



email Captain Louis:  or  call: 936.827.9699 (please leave message if necessary.)
Lake Pontchartrain, West End, New Orleans, LA 70124
30.026519, -90.114281
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