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Captain n Crew

Covington, Louisiana is my hometown although I lived most all of my days in Texas.  I eventually meandered my way down to the coast of Texas and bought a cruiser sailboat with BIG plans to sail off into the horizon, when, in the summer of 2012, I casted the lines from Kemah, Tx and headed east.  The northshore of lake pontchartrain Louisiana is still what I consider the first leg of "the cruise" because I found myself really appreciating the area; enjoying family I've practically never seen, then began a small side business cooking kettle korn at local events across the Northshore (which I have recently sold after 10 years) and I haven't left, 'yet', to continue the cruise.  My gut just hasn't told me to leave yet.

The northshore is such an esthetic area, from Madisonville to Old Town Mandeville to the bayous of nature sounds in Slidell, and it all coincides with the lake.


But overall, it is best to step away from even the prettiest of land to get on the water under sail with my clients.

A particular enjoyment comes from sharing with people who are new to sailing. It is watching the pure determination in people that puts the wind in my sails.

To offer the challenge to anyone is what I'm here for.

Sailing enthusiast are always a delight to have aboard. I myself have much to learn, about much, about other boats, about others, and about life.

Boat-less folks are always welcome. It's understandable that it cost so much to own a boat. I don't think folks should be limited, restrained in life so that they can't partake in what other folks won't live without.

I have enjoyed sailing and cruising for over 25 years. Sailing is my passion, however a way of life, and I enjoy sharing my ship in the wind with anyone so delighted to experience.

Captain Louis has recently relocated his vessel JULIE ANN to the South shore in New Orleans at West End offering sails throughout the day, weather permitting.

-Captain Louis "LJ" Hillsmith

Louis has been involved with movies and film, increasing his foothold in the industry earning speaking roles and using his boat in productions.

You can read more about Captain Louis on his acting profile,

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email Captain Louis:  or  call: 936.827.9699 (please leave message if necessary.)
Lake Pontchartrain, West End, New Orleans, LA 70124
30.026519, -90.114281
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