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Take the time and learn to sail, you'll be glad you did.

I'll show you the ropes, errrr, there are no ropes on a boat, only lines.  So I'll introduce you to the lines, and the other aspects of sailing, efficiently and safely.

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Ever watched a sailboat making its way across the water?  Did you find it to be somewhat magical?  Did you find yourself dreaming you were ON that sailboat?

Well, you can be aboard, and you are welcome to experience to come along for the adventure and pick up some skills, or you can take a more thorough approach, becoming more proficient with Capt. Louis aboard Julie Ann.


I offer a one-on-one with hands-on way of teaching.  I can meet you at your place, my place, your boat or my boat.  Prices vary.  Contact me to discuss, your existing skill level, what it is you want to know, or give you the experience on a bigger boat (Julie Ann is 36'), so we can tailor your time and money so you are a well-rounded skipper.

Please call for information about sailing lessons.  I would rather speak to you in person than list the many ways I could make a seasoned sailor out of you.

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email Captain Louis:  or  call: 936.827.9699 (please leave message if necessary.)
Lake Pontchartrain, West End, New Orleans, LA 70124
30.026519, -90.114281
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